A declaration of five values to guide and encourage a reasoned, civil discussion about immigration in Georgia.

WE VALUE A STRONG ECONOMY. Georgia is best served by a free-market philosophy that maximizes individual freedom and opportunity, and minimizes government intrusion. Georgia businesses should focus on generating jobs and revenues, not on immigration enforcement. We also recognize the vital economic role immigrants play as workers and taxpayers. As the hub of the Southeast and a magnet for international business development and tourism, Georgia’s immigration policies must reaffirm and maintain our global reputation as a diverse and business-friendly state.

WE VALUE LAW ENFORCEMENT. We respect local law enforcement’s core mission of protecting communities and promoting public safety. We acknowledge the hard work involved in building trust with community members which helps in the reporting and detection of crime. Local law enforcement’s limited resources should be focused on combating crime, not on civil violations of federal code which could expose officers to lawsuits and claims of racial profiling.

WE VALUE FAMILIES. Having a strong, united family is a core American value and necessary for any successful society. Every day we are witness to the real, human consequences of our broken immigration system when children are separated from their parents, and when family members wait for years to be reunited. We oppose policies that unnecessarily separate family members. We champion policies that support families seeking citizenship and that improve the health, education and well-being of all America’s children.

WE VALUE THE RULE OF LAW. Immigration is a complex policy issue and should be addressed at the federal level. We urge our leaders to use their political clout to push for federal immigration reform. We oppose the adoption of state immigration policies that add confusion to a national problem and hinder a national solution.

WE VALUE OUR TRADITIONS. Georgia is the birthplace of civil rights and we value our traditions of inclusion, equality and justice. Our faiths teach us to welcome and love our neighbors, and we live by those teachings. We are bound by our long history of social justice to adopt a humane approach to immigration.  

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